Criminal law

If you are in trouble with the law, you may need or be entitled to hire a lawyer to defend you best possible in relation to any prosecutions you may face.

You are free to choose the lawyer you wish to represent you while the opportunity to switch between lawyers also remain in case you are not satisfied with the assigned lawyer.

Before commencing discussions with the police or explaining yourself to the court, you should be assisted by a defence lawyer so that you and your counsel can jointly determine the extent to which you should make your statement.

If you have been subject to violence, rape or other kinds of abuse it also possible to have legal assistance. A legal assistant is to assist the injured party in sexual offences or violent crimes. The legal assistant will assist you throughout the entire criminal proceedings.

One of the obligations of the assistant is to help the victim to claim compensation for damages if possible.

Virtus Law will be pleased to assist you with criminal proceedings of any kind regardless if you are the accused or the victim in the particular case.