Family/succession law and divorce

Family law

When getting married, having children, buying a new home or other major upheavals occur your mutual obligations change. In that case it is relevant to examine how to secure one another.

Contact Virtus Law for a non-binding discussion or book a meeting for further information regarding the benefits of wills, marriage contracts, joint ownership agreements etc., so that, we can together identify your precise needs. We assist you in drawing up the necessary documents to ensure you and your children in the best possible way should unforeseen events arise.

Dissolution of marriage

If you face separation or divorce and are in doubt of your rights or remain unable to agree with your spouse on the distribution of parental authority, amount of visitation, finances etc., Virtus Law can help.

We can inform you of your rights and obligations related to divorce thus providing you with a better understanding of the situation in general and achieving a reasonable solution with your spouse.

In this context Virtus Law will help you with declaration of the estate and other agreements regarding custody, and visitation rights etc.

If you fail to reach an agreement with your spouse Virtus Law will assist you with the negotiations or assist you with the procedure with the Agency of Family law and courts.

If your personal income for the year of 2013 is less than DKK 304.000 (+ DKK 53.000 for each resident child under the age of 18) then in 2015 legal aid will be available to you in case of a divorce lawsuit, custody and residence order regarding the child.

Likewise, if you cannot agree on how to share the estate (common assets), legal aid remains an option in case your personal income is within the above-mentioned limits thus letting the court administrate the division.