Property transactions/purchase of property

Have you read the fine print, and have you established a sufficient overview of the terms and conditions of the purchase agreement?

Otherwise, it is highly recommended to have a lawyer’s reservation added to the purchase agreement and let Virtus Law’s estate law professionals you in connection with the purchase of your dream home.

The estate law professionals of Virtus Law have many years of experience within property transactions, right of occupation, and tenancy agreements. Our clients benefit from our experience when buying their dream home while avoiding the typical pitfalls related to property transactions.

Our estate law professionals prepare a clear overview of the essential terms and conditions that you as a buyer should be aware of. Furthermore, Virtus Law guides you safely through the process regarding registration of the deed etc. and take care of the completion statement coordinating with the estate agent and bank involved in the transaction.

Virtus Law offer fixed prices on property transactions and are certified by Danske Boligadvokater

  • Estates

Losing someone close is never easy. Nevertheless, in the midst a lot of questions arise regarding the handling of the deceased’s belongings, the so-called estate. Virtus Law offers advice on administration out of court as well as handling and winding up of the estate.

The local court summons a meeting immediately after the death. The purpose of this meeting is to settle the successive procedures regarding the administration of the estate – including ascertaining the relevant heirs.

Contacting Virtus Law prior to the mentioned meeting is recommended as this allows us to advise you on which actions to be taken and how the estate is most adequately handled. Virtus Law can also appear in the district court on your behalf.

After the meeting there will be a number of tasks related to the subsequent administration of the estate. Based on our extensive experience within this particular field Virtus Law is qualified to assist you to navigate safely through the process. We will ensure that the assets of the estate are realised in the best possible way and at the same time handle the correspondence with the Probate Court subject to the administration of the estate in question.

Having Virtus Law assist you with administration of the estate will help you to ensure that the estate is administrated safely with our focus fully channelled towards reaching the fastest and best possible solution.