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Client information

Company information


The law firm Virtus ApS is a private limited company. The owners are attorney Michael Schlichter and attorney Rasmus Agathon. All lawyers are appointed by the Ministry of Justice in Denmark and registered in and a member of the Danish Bar Association.

Contact Information:
Virtus Advokater ApS
Gammel Kongevej 140A, 1.
1850 Frederiksberg C.

Tel: +45 53 51 55 00
CVR No .: 35204105


The law firm Virtus ApS has taken out professional liability insurance and provided a guarantee in accordance with the Danish Bar Association’s rules. The liability insurance covers all law practice performed by Advokatfirmaet Virtus ApS, regardless of where the law practice is performed.

The law firm Virtus ApS liability insurance is taken out in:
HDI-Gerling Insurance
India 6, 1.
2100 Copenhagen East

Police number: 156-08654376-14008

Terms and Conditions:

​Our terms and conditions apply in all client relationships, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Choice of law and venue:

Any dispute between a client and the law firm Virtus ApS must be settled in the Danish courts with the Copenhagen City Court as venue and in accordance with Danish law.

The rules of legal ethics The lawyers at Advokatfirmaet Virtus ApS are covered by the Danish Bar Association’s supervisory and disciplinary system and by the rules on good legal practice, cf. section 126 of the Administration of Justice Act. In addition, the rules on legal ethics apply. The rules that apply in particular to the practice of the legal profession can be found on the Danish Bar Association’s website

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If you are in a situation where you are in doubt or do not have the full overview of how you best behave, do not hesitate to contact us, which may be done by filling out our contact form on the right.

Virtus Law will subsequently return with an offer of legal assistance if the issue falls within one of our many areas of competence.