Company law/corporate law

Competent advice for your company

Company law/corporate law

With many years of experience in company law, Virtus Advokater offers advice in, among other things, choice of company type, formation of companies, conversions, ownership agreements, capital increases / reductions, mergers, divisions and liquidations.

If you are to establish a completely new company or simply change the ownership, a substainable shareholder agreement is of utmost importance in terms of drawing clear lines between the owners, thus allowing full focus on the operation of the business.

We assist you with drawing up the shareholder agreement or advise you regarding an already existing agreement to secure fulfilment of the mutual agreement.

Furthermore, Virtus Law helps to ensure that the articles of association and the register of shareholders are under control as well as guiding you safely through a capital increase, merger or other changes.

Virtus Law offers fixed prices for foundation of companies while we provide specific offers for other corporate law work.

'Experience counts'

Through many years of experience in company law and from several boards, I am sure that our team can become the right sparring partner.

Establishment of companies

We advise on company type, prepare the documents and found the company.

Ownership agreement

With our extensive experience, we are the right sparring partner regarding the preparation of ownership agreements.


Merger, demerger, transfer or liquidation - we are the right team.

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Virtus Law will subsequently return with an offer of legal assistance if the issue falls within one of our many areas of competence.