Prices / fees

Prices / fees

The price for our service is usually calculated based on time spent, however, we also offer remuneration at fixed prices.​

Virtus Law has a fixed price regarding/on the following tasks:

  • Owner-occupied property (purchase sum up to DKK 3 mill.): DKK. 9.750 VAT included.
  • Owner-occupied property (purchase sum above DKK 3 mill.): DKK 12.000 VAT included.
  • Owner housing dealer and Project purchase with a purchase price over DKK 10 million: By agreement
  • Owner-occupied property in construction: DKK 12.000 VAT included.
  • Co-operative housing trade: DKK 9,375 incl. VAT.
  • ​Establishment of companies: DKK 2.500 VAT excluded.
  • ​Will: from DKK 4,500 incl. VAT
  • ​Prenuptial agreements: DKK 4.000 VAT included.

Apart from the above mentioned our prices are based on time spent.​

The hourly rate can vary depending on the seniority of the employee as well as the complexity and risk of the task, however, you will always be informed prior to the commencement of the work. ​

On request we estimate specifically the overall price of the task at hand which will give you a survey of the costs.

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Do you need our assistance?

If you are in a situation where you are in doubt or do not have the full overview of how you best behave, do not hesitate to contact us, which may be done by filling out our contact form on the right.

Virtus Law will subsequently return with an offer of legal assistance if the issue falls within one of our many areas of competence.